As a venture capital fund, we take an equity ownership stake in the companies we invest in. We are not a source of grant funding nor can we provide funding to nonprofits. 

Our investments are successful when we’ve helped a company achieve significant growth, driving meaningful economic development and job creation in the region. Only then do we and our investors see a return on our investment.

Western North Carolina has tremendous potential. With rich and diverse mix of businesses and entrepreneurs, the region is poised for post-COVID growth, particularly as individuals and companies move away from high-density regions. Yet, the region has long been underserved in terms of private equity and venture capital investments. 

We see a real opportunity to drive innovation and growth in the region by providing entrepreneurs with the growth capital needed to take their businesses to the next level. Working alongside a strong network of economic development and investment partners in the region and leveraging the extensive investment expertise of the Hatteras team, we will lay the foundation for the future of WNC. 

Primary investors in the Pisgah Fund include Dogwood Health Trust and HCA, each with unique goals of fueling economic development that in turn improves health and wellness within the 18 counties served by Dogwood Health Trust – defined here as WNC.

Drawing on the deep operational experience of the managers, the Fund can provide strategic and tactical advice to help companies grow. In addition, through its Advisory Council and its local, state, and national network, the Fund will provide connections to advisors, consultants, key opinion leaders, and potential management team members. 

The Fund will invest in companies with high growth potential that have a WNC connection. Specific examples include:  

  • Companies headquartered in one of the 18 counties of WNC
  • Companies with an operation that employs individuals in one or more of the 18 counties in WNC
  • Companies that, as a result of investment, would initiate, expand, or relocate operations in one or more of the18 counties in WNC.

In addition to these industry sectors, the Fund will focus on high growth opportunities at various stages of development:

  • Founding capital for venture creation
  • Seed capital for company launch
  • Growth capital for company expansion

The Fund will look to companies with a defined and likely exit scenario. “Lifestyle” companies will not be considered.