The Pisgah Fund

Investment Fund

Fund Overview

The Pisgah Fund is an investment fund, investing in both healthcare-related companies in Western North Carolina’s 18-county region or healthcare-related companies locating operations in the region. The purpose of the Fund is to provide essential capital to help grow companies and create jobs in Western North Carolina. The Fund is managed by Hatteras Venture Partners. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Durham, NC, Hatteras is a recognized leader in the Southeast with a national investment footprint. In addition to deep operational experience, they have a renowned strategic partner network, and a proven ability to enhance portfolio company value. With ~$700 million under management across six funds, Hatteras has a proven track record of investing in and growing early-stage companies. In addition to its core funds, Hatteras manages a healthcare innovation fund for WakeMed in Raleigh as well as UNC Chapel Hill’s Carolina Research Venture Fund.

Company Criteria

The Fund will only invest in companies with a Western North Carolina connection. Specific examples include:

Industry Sectors

The Fund will invest in innovative companies in the broader healthcare industry. Specific sectors include:

Company Stage

In addition to these industry sectors, the Fund will focus on high growth opportunities at various stages of development:

Pisgah Fund

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